How to prepare for a CD Recording, what to expect before, during and after

There are three key ingredients to making a good recording. These are the choice

of venue, the choice of repertoire and more than anything else the quality of your

performance. Each of these aspects is directly under your control – diligent rehearsal,

choosing your material carefully and selecting a room that is appropriate for the band

and the music are of paramount importance. Of course, you shouldn’t be on your own

for some of these decisions – using a recording company that can advise on aspects of

all three can be of great benefit.


Once you’ve decided to make a recording, you then have to make some more

decisions. The first is who is your intended audience? Does it include your regular

concert goers, family members and friends; is it being made for something more

specific like collectors of ‘serious’ music or is to send as part of an advertising

package? How big is your target market? This has a profound impact on costing later

on, and whether or not it’s a financially viable project. For example, if you only think

you’ll sell 100 CDs at £8 each you may be surprised to find that you’ll be in the red

when all the costs are taken into consideration. Obviously, if you’re making the CDs

as a promotional tool, then different rules apply as the costs may be recouped by

engagement fees, for example. Finally, what music does your target market want to

listen to? Remember this recording ultimately needs to appeal to your audience, and

the experience of doing the recording is what you take away – rather than having a

CD full of your favourite pieces!


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