Choosing a Venue

The cost of a venue can range from free to many thousands of pounds. However,

selection of an appropriate room is of prime importance. There are several factors that

need to be taken into account when you’re making your choice. First is exclusivity.

Avoid facilities that may have other concurrent functions in adjacent rooms. This is

also impacted on by location and isolation – is it near a busy road? Are there playing

fields outside? Do the windows and doors keep noisy weather ‘outside’? How quiet

is it inside? Check for buzzes from lights or fridges for example. Can the recording

equipment and recording space be left set up overnight?


Secondly, how accessible is the venue for both the recording company and the

performers? Is there adequate parking? Can you gain entry or access to the keys at the

times you need them?


What shape and size is the recording space? Some performers are louder than others,

and sound needs space to develop. Avoid rooms that are too small, or your recording

may suffer. Additionally the quality of the reverberation should be taken into account

(square rooms, for example, may be problematic without special consideration), and

the reverberation time should – if possible – be appropriate for the repertoire. The

bottom line here is that the room should sound good!


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