What happens next?

Next up is the editing. The material will go through an iterative process within the

production team until the executive producer is happy with the product. At this point

listening copies (also known as edit masters) will be issued to your representatives.

If you have any issues or concerns with the audio at this point, you should ask the

production team if it’s possible to address them. If possible, your issues should

be addressed and a new listening copy released. It’s important to remember that

sometimes changes are not always actionable. Remember you will need to be realistic

in your expectations – recording sessions are time limited and the Producer must

cover the material to the best extent possible – and the final results may reflect this.

When you’re satisfied with the audio, you will likely be expected to sign a declaration

of “Acceptance to Press” meaning that you accept the last issued listening CD as that

which will be manufactured.

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