We want 1000 CDs. How long will they take to “burn”?

Quantities this big are much better suited to being made by replication – being

stamped from a glass master. Usual plant turn around is between 10 and 15 working


Duplication or Replication. Sorry?

Duplication is being burnt onto CDRs, replication is being stamped from a

glass master CD. The latter is a technically superior process and the longevity of

the product is generally perceived as better. It also eliminates the possibility of

incompatibility with older CD players.

What is the MCPS? (I see it on other CDs)

The Mechanical Copyright Protection Society. They administer the charges for

recording copyrighted material and distribute royalties to composers and arrangers on

your behalf.

Do we need a licence for our CD?

Generally, yes. The exceptions to this are where you’re recording all your own

material (that either isn’t registered with the MCPS or you’ve got an exclusion for

various uses) or material that’s in the public domain. Both these circumstances will

still need a notification of no claim.

What does this licence cost?

The up to date costs can be obtained from the MCPS-PRS Alliance Website. As a

ballpark figure, the fee is currently around £325 for 1000 CDs sold at £10.

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