How sensitive are those microphones really?

In general, they’re very sensitive. They pick up everything you’re playing,

saying and anything else that goes on in the room such as mute noise, shuffling feet

rustling music. It’s for this reason that you’re asked to be quiet at all times during

the recording, regardless of whether you’re playing or not – a stray noise can ruin an

otherwise fabulous take.

Do I have to blow towards the microphones?

No – don’t do anything other than play naturally (unless you’re asked to do


Why are you using X number of microphones?

The balance and sound of the final recording is determined by the number and type

of microphones used. Each Company will have a preferred way of working, which

may vary with the Band, the venue and the material that’s being recorded.

Can I have a quick look at the gear?

We’re quite happy for you to.....just please don’t touch anything!

We did a recording ages ago. They used a tape recorder. Do you still use tape?

KMJ Recordings doesn’t use tape – we record digitally. Other Companies may still

use tape, but it’s becoming increasingly rare.

Is it possible to play too loud for the microphones?

It depends what they are. In principle it is, but in practice it’s quite difficult.

The microphones are different shapes and sizes. Why?

Different microphones have different sonic characteristics. They’re chosen on the

basis of how you want them to sound when you’re recording a particular instrument

or group. They may be either large or small, might contain valves or be solid state

and you might point the end or the side at the instrument and they might pick up

sound from all around, just the front or just the sides. Even two microphones that look

identical might be vastly different.

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