We did it a different way with _____________. Why was this?

Different Companies have different ways of reaching the same endpoint – the final

product is the thing that’s really important. It’s up to you to decide which you prefer.

What does the production team actually do?

It depends on which Company you use. Broadly speaking, the team will be

separated into two halves – one half engineers the recording (so put the microphones

in the right place and operates the equipment) and the other half ‘Produces’. Amongst

other things, the Producer(s) will run the sessions (in collaboration with the MD) by

deciding the order of recording, which sections of music you need to record multiple

times etc and then generate the edit plots for the editor to compile from all the

material that’s recorded. Some Companies combine the role of engineer and Producer.

What is meant by “inconsistency between takes” and why is it problem?

It could be anything from playing the same part of the music at differing dynamics

or tempi, or a percussionist deciding to change from a cowbell to a woodblock when

something is repeated (or even hit a ride cymbal in a different place). If an edit is

required between these takes, it can’t be made as the music is different. Dynamics (to

an extent) and tempi (to an extent) can be manipulated – but the latter can’t.

Why does my mobile phone have to be off rather than silent?

Any form of electromagnetic interference may affect a piece of equipment – such

as when the mobile network searches for connected devices – so it’s safer to turn

them off.

I can hear traffic noise outside. Will that be picked up?

If you can hear it, so can the microphones. It may be possible to filter some of it

out, but not always. The same applies to aeroplanes, birdsong, football match cheering

and so on. It’s something to be aware of when selecting your venue.

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